Sharkpunk - edited by Jonathan Green

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Happy International Women's Day!

I am pleased to say, in a genre still dominated my male writers, SHARKPUNK features a number of women writers. Here's who's contributed what to the anthology.

Amy Taylor has collaborated with husband Andy to craft a future war story with heart called Shirley.

Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy author Kim Lakin-Smith has written a bona fide SF tale called Goblin.

Laurel Sills, co-editor of Holdfast Magazine, has contributed the Faustian Le Shark to the anthology.

Editor and author Jenni Hill has penned a tale murder and control called The Serial Killer Who Thought She Was a Shark.

And comics creator Sarah Peploe has collaborated with comics writer Al Ewing to create the chilling YOU ARE THE SHARK.

SHARKPUNK is published by Snowbooks (under the auspices of publisher Emma Barnes) and is out this May.

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