Sharkpunk - edited by Jonathan Green

Thursday 26 January 2017

The SHARKPUNK 2 Kickstarter launches in 2 days!

As well as the rewards to receive copies of SHARKPUNK 2, the Kickstarter also features a number of add-ons. These can either be selected by themselves, or added to the other pledge levels by adding the appropriate funds to the total pledged.

Some people who back the Kickstarter will have already read SHARKPUNK (Volume 1) but some won't, so that's one of the rewards on offer, along with the other anthologies I have edited for Snowbooks, including GAME OVER and Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu.

The other anthologies I have edited for Snowbooks.

There is also the option to add the SHARKPUNK Audiobook, produced by Circle of Spears, which backers of the SHARKPUNK 2 Kickstarter can get for the reduced price of £15.

Remember, these add-ons can be selected by themselves or added on to any other pledge level.

So, for example, if you want the hardback of SHARKPUNK 2 and would also like the SHARKPUNK Audiobook, then you would pledge £50 for the GREAT WHITE reward + £15 for the audiobook, making your total pledge £65.

Or, if you would like the MEGALODON reward (£80), and SHARKPUNK (Volume 1) (£13), GAME OVER and Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu (£20), as well as the SHARKPUNK Audiobook (£15), then you would pledge a total of £128.

This handy table will help you work out what comes with what reward:

Click the above image to enlarge it.

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