Sharkpunk - edited by Jonathan Green

Friday 27 January 2017

The SHARKPUNK 2 Kickstarter kicks off tomorrow!


Still wondering whether you should back the Kickstarter or not? Well here's what some readers had to say about SHARKPUNK (Volume 1) on Amazon...

"This collection is well worthy of your time. Every story is a winner in my opinion and they are all a great deal of fun. In all honesty I’d have great difficulty picking a favourite."

"If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would... Usually, I go into an anthology expecting to like about 75-80% of the stories and to find an uneven quality of story-telling, but I didn't find a single one I didn't like."

"In the interests of transparency, I should probably fess up to being a huge fan of anything with a fin in it. I am that person who happily watches the likes of Sharknado... While some of the stories featured in Sharkpunk are as gloriously silly as anything Asylum has ever offered, equally there is also some really thrilling horror and some surprisingly touching psychological chillers... There's not a weak story among the lot, probably because it would get turned on and eaten by the others."

"This book was, pardon the pun, fintastic. Each story revolving around Sharks in one form or another, be it physical or mental and in some both. The calibre of writers assembled to contribute to this book was impressive... I cannot recommend this book enough and you don't even have to be a fan of sharks to enjoy it...but it helps. 10/10"

"Put simply, Sharkpunk is twenty unique visions of what it means to be either predator or prey. This anthology contains stories that don’t just feature sharks, they also dissect the mind of a perfectly evolved killer. Nestled deep in the pages of this collection you’ll find everything from stories set in feudal Japan to tales featuring men with an impressive olfactory sense. Steampunk, horror, science fiction and thriller blend together to create a collection that revels in the raw, bloody savagery of an apex carnivore."

And lastly, this one, via Twitter...

"Thank you for creating the greatest book I never knew I needed. Literal jewel of my literary collection... Treat yourself guys and give in to Sharkpunk!" 

You can sneak a look at the SHARKPUNK 2 Kickstarter, and the rewards on offer, here.

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